Instructions For Authors

World Journal of Medical Innovations (WJMI) will accept submissions relating to any aspect of medicine, medical technologies, publishes original contributions, comparative works, case studies, and many other categories of articles.

Categories of articles accepted:

· Original research

· Hypothesis

· Laboratory and in vitro studies

· Fundamental aspects of medical physics

· Animal Research

· Clinical research

· Development of laboratory techniques

· Product investigations

· Diagnostics and medical technology

· Reviews and special reports

· Meta-analyses are considered as reviews

· Case Reports

· Letters to the Editor

For Authors

Articles should be written in English.

Recommended length: 2500-3000 words (16000-18000 characters including spaces).

Abstract: the abstract should be written in English.

Recommended length: 200 words (1500-2000 characters including spaces).

Text style and format:

· 12-point font size (Times New Roman). Please do not format the text!

· 1,5 space

· leave right margins unjustified (ragged)

· margins: the margins should be 2,5 cm. If you wish to use indentation at the beginning of a line to signal the start of a new paragraph, please use the TAB key.

The file with the manuscript - Word version (*.doc or *.docx) - should include the following:

1 page

· title of the article

· first name and surname of the authors and their affiliations

· correspondence details: name and surname of the author, department, address, phone number, fax number, e-mail address

2 page

· abstract, observe the following order: Objectives, Material and methods, Results, Conclusions; recommended length 250 words

· key words - three to six key words, both in English following the „Medical Subject Headings” (MeSH)

3 page and next

· manuscript: when preparing the manuscript for submission to Journal the following order should be applied: Introduction; Objectives – state the aim of the work; Material and methods; Discussion; Conclusions – should refer to the objectives of the work and be presented clearly and accurately

· tables – tables must be included in the same file as the manuscript; number all tables in the order of their citation in the text, using Roman numerals.

· figures and photos – must be included in the same file as the manuscript; figures and photos may be black-and-white or colour; the following figure file format is acceptable: JPG. Additionally include all figures and photos as a separate file (images should have 300 dpi resolution and extension: *.jpg)

· references – references should be numbered consecutively in the order in which they are first mentioned in the text. References to papers not yet published should not be included. Each reference entry should consist of: surname(s), first name(s) initial(s) (not to be followed by a full stop); first three surnames of the authors, followed by [et al.]; title; journal abbreviated title (please follow the Index Medicus tips); year of publication; volume; first and last page. In case of book or monograph chapters, please follow the order: surname and first name initial of the author; chapter title; book title; surname and first name initial of the editor; name of the publishing house; place of publication; year; pages

[1] Azar ZF, Hakimi P, Ghojazadeh M, [et al.]. Pre- and post- McDonald cerclage cervical length, width and funneling rate and their association with duration of pregnancy. Pak J Biol Sci 2011; Apr; 14 (8): 502–506.

[2] Szepietowski J, Adamski Z, Chodorowska G, [et al.]. Treatment of psoriasis vulgaris, recommendations of experts of the Polish Society of Dermatology. Part I: mild psoriasis, psoriasis in children. Proverbs Dermatol 2012; 2: 83-96.

[3] M. Dyga-ORL Information and emotional support to patients by medical personnel. Stand Med 2004, 5: 599-604.

[4] Pawelczyk L, Sokalska A. Medical aspects of infertility and assisted reproductive techniques. [A:] Gadzinowski J Pawelczyk L, Wisniewski J. [ed]. Giving life. Problems of human assisted reproduction. Ed. Sciences. A. Mickiewicz University, Poznan, 2003.

[5] Z. Friebe Surgical treatment in gynecology. [A:] Bręborowicz G. [ed]: Obstetrics and Gynecology. Ed. Lek. PZWL, Warsaw 2008.

The author should include a signed declaration:

I declare that this article on ".......................................... ................................. ":

1. has not been previously published,

2. has not been given to another journal,

3. does not infringe any copyright or other proprietary rights of third parties,

4. all persons listed as authors have read it and accepted her referral to print,

5. contribution of individual contributors to the creation of a scientific article,

6. sources of funding for research presented in a scientific article or the emergence of a scientific article.

If you accept the material submitted for publication, the undersigned author (s) hereby copyright to the publisher journal International Journal of Medical Innovations.

Authors are responsible for the realization of the relationship (conflict of interest). In particular, authors should identify funding opportunities and other types of material and organizational support received from companies, institutions, organizations or individuals interested in publishing work. A relationship must be disclosed to the Editor in the form of a signed, personal statement briefly describing her character.

The lack of correlation should be submitted in the form of a signed statement that reads: "Do not report dependencies (conflict of interest) that could affect the objectivity and credibility of the work "................................................. .......................... ". In original, in which are presented the study on humans or animals, it is reasonable to put information about obtaining the approval of research ethics committee (ethics committee).

Application materials for publication is considered as informed consent for publication in print and electronic form, including on the Internet.

Submit the Article

Please submit your article with all additional and required files using following e-mail: