World Journal of Medical Innovations (WJMI) is an open-access peer-reviewed journal committed to publishing high-quality articles in the field of Medicine and its subspecialties with a special interest towards the innovative medical science, research, technology and hypothesis.

WJMI is issued on a continuous basis as a primary electronic journal. Journal is issued in English language on a continuous basis as Open Access electronic journal.


Our audience includes Physicians, Scientists, Para-medical staff.

Review Process

WJMI has a highly rigorous peer-review process that makes sure that manuscripts are scientifically accurate, relevant, novel and important. Authors disclose all conflicts, affiliations and financial associations such that the published content is not biased.

Editorial Team

The editorial board comprises of a panel of experts from various disciplines of medical and allied sciences to provide their expertise and guidance in maintaining the clarity of content and focus of the purpose for the journal.

Aims & Scope

WJMI strongly supports research that will benefit medical science and discourages the publication of articles that merely represent pre-established and repetitive facts. The journal covers all the sub-specialties of Medicine including:

· Anatomy

· Biomedical data science

· Biostatistics

· Biotechnology

· Case Study

· Cell Biology

· Clinical Trials

· Cytology

· Dentistry

· Dermatology

· Endocrinology

· General Medicine

· Genetics

· Gynecology

· Haematology

· Immunology

· Medical Biotechnology

· Microbiology

· Molecular Biology

· Nephrology

· Neurology

· Oncology

· Ophthalmology

· Organ transplantation

· Orthopedics

· Pathology

· Pediatrics

· Pharmacology

· Public health & hygiene

· Radiology

· Surgery

· Telemedicine/digital health

· Tropical diseases

· Tropical diseases

· Urology

And other medical sciences

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